Our Process

Our first step is to understand your brief and articulate the problems to be solved, recognising that no two projects, users or clients are exactly the same. Getting to know each other early on is vital to our collaborative and iterative approach.

We come to each project and meeting with fresh faces, eyes wide open and pockets full of best-practice know-how. With a strong focus on research, we’ll apply the insights we learn to deliver solutions that bring the greatest value to your business, earning your applause.


Engagement models

(Depending on Your Needs)

Extended Team (Out-staffing) Managed Team (Separated Work Packages of a larger Context) Outsourced Team (Project related)
Client Needs Additional development capacity for Client’s existing team. TEKLINX assumes ownership of the entire scope or a portion of the project. TEKLINX develops and delivers a custom, production-ready solution to the Client.
Responsibility The product and development team are managed by the Client. Client and TEKLINX share risks and responsibilities.TEKLINX is fully responsible for setting up the development team and delivering the product.
Integration Degree Client interviews and selects the development team as well as establish and manages processes and policies. Client and TEKLINX share product vision and roadmap. Design and technology decisions are finalized by the Client. TEKLINX ensures technology alignment, team motivation, and overall team management.The Client provides business requirements in which TEKLINX will define the technical approach and finished product.