IT Consulting

As your trusted partner in technology, our IT Consulting team is focused on creating and executing strategies that will lead to improved business outcomes through resilient technical architecture.

IT Consulting Tailored to your Industry

Since every industry uses technology in different ways, we will compare your existing IT Strategy and IT Architecture to your industry peers and competitors. Using that data, coupled with industry best practices and your unique goals, we chart a path to transform your business operations to create a resilient IT Architecture Blueprint and Roadmap to implement it.

IT Consulting Services

  • IT Strategy
  • Program Management
  • IT Review and Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Lean Six Sigma® Consultation

IT Strategy

Having a future-focused IT strategy is critical for your digital transformation. As business processes rely more heavily on technology to increase productivity and efficiency, you need a comprehensive IT strategy that allows you to not only keep up and stay relevant, but adopt a competitive advantage that others look to as an example of how to leverage your infrastructure for success.

IT Strategy Solutions

Our team of experts will act as your trusted broker and partner in determining your organizations needs and goals to create an IT strategy that aligns with them. We will develop a plan and governance that ensures your technology investments will support and accelerate your growth through funding the right initiatives and build a resilient, nimble IT platform.


  • Review Business Strategy
  • Conduct Facilitated Sessions
  • Conduct Questionnaire Driven Interviews
  • Review Industry Peer Group Strategic Imperatives
  • Review IT Architecture
  • Create IT Capability-Process-Technology Crosswalk Matrix
  • Develop IT Portfolio & Architecture Rationalization
  • Develop IT Governance Strategy
  • Deliver IT Strategy & Roadmap

Program Management

A key part of successful program management in your organization is having company standards, procedures, and practices in place. TEKLYNX works with you to create and implement program management solutions that give your team the skills and solutions to implement IT governance and program management practices.

Program Management Services & Solutions

  • As part of our program management, we will work with your team to achieve the following goals:
  • Prioritizing the Right IT Initiatives
  • Managing a Project Portfolio
  • Developing Program Management Office (PMO) Capability, including Implementing Standards & Procedures
  • Measuring Project Execution & Quality Metrics
  • Mentoring Project Managers
  • Standardize Vendor Management Processes


  • Review IT Strategy & IT Governance
  • Develop PMO Charter
  • Develop PMO Standard Operating Procedures & Standards
  • Establish PMO Steering Committee
  • Establish PMO Review Cadence
  • Facilitate Portfolio Prioritization Meetings
  • Assist in Development of Project Specifications
  • Mentor Project Managers
  • Review & Analyze Project Execution & Quality Metrics
  • Create PMO Scorecards & Dashboards

IT Review and Assessment

Our IT review and assessment service provide an objective view of the efficacy of their IT strategy and supporting IT Architecture for businesses to leverage. We take a comprehensive vendor agnostic and objective look at your entire IT environment to help identify gaps, determine where you can leverage industry best practices, and look for opportunities that will provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

IT Assessment Services

Our experienced IT consultants use a vendor-agnostic approach to review your IT department, meaning we look at the scope beyond the makers and producers of your hardware and software. With expertise in industry-standard enterprise architecture frameworks, including TOGAF® open group architecture, FEAF, and others, we offer solutions customized to your needs and goals.

Our assessment includes reviewing the complete architecture of your technology and communications network, framework and data structure. We will also provide you with a detailed road map of how to best optimize your IT investments.


  • Review Business Strategy
  • Conduct Questionnaire Driven Interviews
  • Review IT Architecture
  • Review IT Operations
  • Develop As-Is State of IT report
  • Compare As-Is state with Industry Best Practices
  • Create IT Capability-Process-Technology Crosswalk Matrix
  • Develop IT Target Architecture Blueprints
  • Develop Roadmap to Achieve Target State

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Moving your software, applications, and databases to a cloud architecture is one of the best opportunities to scale your IT architecture and improve your business processes. Our team of experts can help you build a strategy and a road map for cloud migration to implement these strategies.

Cloud Architecture Solutions

We will sit down with you and your IT leadership to review your business strategy and existing IT architecture to create a cloud architecture that aligns with your security requirements and business needs. We can assist you with every step of the strategy and migration, from assessing your architecture for cloud fitment, defining and developing a plan to securely integrate cloud resources, and map out a migration path that works for your organization.


  • Review Business Strategy
  • Review IT Architecture
  • Review Security Requirements
  • Identify Candidates for Cloud
  • Develop Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Develop Roadmap for Cloud Migration
  • Develop Cloud Business Case & Strategy
  • Deliver Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Business Process Consulting

In order for your business to stay competitive and profitable, it’s essential to streamline your operations and optimize your organizational processes. Our business process consulting can show you to leverage your IT capabilities and make the most of your data to eliminate waste and increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Lean Six Sigma® Consultation

Using Lean Six Sigma® methodologies and solutions, we will assess your current processes and operations to identify inefficiencies, re-engineer processes and develop an optimal process model. Leveraging process metrics, we review the efficacy of IT capabilities and applications to support the optimized processes. Our goals is to align your IT capabilities with process needs to achieve continuous process improvement through process re-engineering and IT portfolio rationalization.


  • Review Business Needs
  • Develop Problem Statement
  • Create As-Is Business Process Flow
  • Compile Process Metrics
  • Create or Review Process-IT Capability Matrix
  • Conduct Facilitated Sessions to Identify Gaps
  • Develop To-Be Optimized Process Flow
  • Document IT Capability Gap
  • Develop Roadmap
  • Ongoing Process Metrics Analysis